Producing accessories has been our passion since 1973, when Pasatos began a new adventure with small steps and a lot of hard work. From the world of safety-cared gloves and tannery, which gave our birth, we’ve saved the experience of the leather and the base of the modeling that still accompanies us. 
There aren't still schools or courses that build the professionalism of this sector, which is also the case for clothing or footwear. Everything depends only on the experience. 
This huge store of knowledge has been constantly updated and applied precisely and exclusively in productions for our customers, which has made us appreciated by the most prestigious brands in the Italian and European markets.


In the years, the development has therefore led to the casual fashion diffused among the youth of the 80s and later in the world of bikes, and we have learned here the know-how to produce sport accessories. The turning point came to Pasasport thanks to Alberto Santinello, who in 1990 introduced the first proposals with creative designs and functional responses. These proposals have enhanced the potential of the membranes of Gore-tex, also applying these methods to other sporting disciplines, such as out-door sports. But great attention also turned to the fashion sector: the rediscovery of the value of the accessory has found us ready and protagonists. 
The limelights of the great parades have given merit and showcase to our creations!


Pasasport has its head office and operations on Boschetto Street, in the industrial area of Villa Bartolomea in the province of Verona (Italy). 
Close to a fast road (Highway 434) that connects quickly to the major motorways of north Italy, it can easily reach Verona or Venice in about 1 hour by car. 
The property is divided in 1700 sq m and includes in addition to offices, which houses a dozen people between employees, owners and technicians, it also includes a large area dedicated to the production as well as the warehouse. 
In the peak season for most jobs directly and indirectly employs about 200 people and bills about 410,000 pieces per year


A motivated and dynamic staff follows specific areas of activity and structure according to driven levels of autonomy. The model is built on a CAD support by a technician with over 25 years of experience in our company. 
Loyalty and involvement of our staff is a fundamental pillar that supports the success of our business: for 80% of our staff represents the first and only experience. The Turn-over is minimized. The training is very strong. The roots in the territory is maximum. 
You grow with Pasasport!