Knowledge comes with the experience. 
Not all companies have within them enough know-how in the area of accessories. We provide and prove it with our products.


It's out-sourcing in a more evolved and versatile form. 
We interpret the needs of the market and place any company in its segment, we identify the target and hit it with our customers, exchange information with their development office, we record the input, do research and then formulate our proposals.
Processing graphics, personalized sketches with style proposals and custom projects, it's what we are able to offer as free support for our production activities.


The expertise acquired by our staff in the realization from the various collections has allowed us to reach remarkable peaks of excellence in the style and design that distinguishes Italy all around the world. We are also able to provide prototypes and subsequent phases of development, we find materials and accessories, make the samples and the subsequent range size, and follow the production through various steps of quality control from the design up to the packaging of the finished product.


The location of production is chosen on the identified needs of the client, taking into account all aspects of supply: the price, the minimum quantity, and the quality of the product. 
Based on these factors, we are able to activate our sources of production: internal, where we can obtain the most finest craftsmanship, in Eastern Europe where the quality-price ratio reach an optimum level, but also in the remote Far East, where the convenience is most evident. 
The working method of Pasasport develops according to various steps, articulated in base to the seasonality of the article, but that substantially they foresee the following points:

  • briefing with the client (market segment identification and target)
  • searching the most innovative materials and some more technical accessories proposed by the market
  • information gathering R&D and development sketches according to the customer’s style
  • project presentation and discussion with the designers
  • reworking of the proposal and creating prototypes for a first check of the product
  • customer comments
  • refinement and elaboration of the second prototype
  • building the models with CAD support and the subsequently industrializing the product;
  • delivery salesmansamples
  • briefing with the client for last changes
  • development of forecast
  • transmission of orders and order confirmation
  • the possibility of following directly the production in our establishment in Italy. Otherwise, if the quantity of goods ordered allow it, there is the opportunity to move the production in East Europe or Far East
  • a careful phase of qualitative control which allows us to make the packaging and the shipment of the goods
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